Handcrafted: How to display your photo holiday cards.

December 03, 2014  •  18 Comments


Every once in a while I get to feeling crafty. This is usually when the holidays roll around and I start to see so many

handmade gifts and ideas that give me inspiration to create.

This year I decided to create and solve a yearly problem I encounter. Obviously, I love the photo cards I get each year,

however I really never took the time to think of a great way to display them. I can not tell a lie here, my normal tradition

was to slap a piece of tape on the back of the cards and put them around my front entrance door frame. Then I

would spend the next few weeks picking them up each day and re-sticking them again and again and again. Every year, I

felt it was worth it since I so enjoyed seeing the faces I love each time I walked by the doorway. This year I decided no

more and, with some inspiration from Martha Stewart, I decided to make a handcrafted wreath to solve my problem. Here

is what I made. (Yes, I am pretty pleased with myself.)  



Here is what I used:

  • Hot gun and glue (or you could use wood glue)

  • Miniature wooden clothespins

  • Large embroidery hoop

  • Large bow (or ribbon) 

  • Photo Holiday Cards 



  1. STEP 1

    Using glue, affix miniature wooden clothespins to a large (about 14-inch-diameter) embroidery hoop.

  2. STEP 2

    Alternate clothespins to point outward and inward, spaced 1 1/2 inches apart.

  3. STEP 3

    Secure a large bow and or possibly a ribbon, and clip your cards in place as you receive them.

That's it! Three simple steps and there you have it. There is something personal about having a handcrafted item that makes everything more special and sentimental. Plus now I have the perfect spot to hang your photo cards as they come in.Thanks for reading my blog on my thoughts on a great way to display those holiday photo cards.

Now for someone else who knows a thing or two about handcrafted items. I would like to share with you a little about The Bag Lady. 



Hi, I’m Lisa Wenschlag, otherwise known as

the Bag Lady. I love all things fabric; it is my

art medium of choice. I use fabric to handcraft

one of a kind bags, purses and totes of all

shapes and sizes. I pride myself on my eye for

color and a natural ability to put it all together.

If you would like a custom, handcrafted,

quality bag made in Newport News, Virginia,

contact me and we can talk.





I am giving away the beautiful black and white bag shown above. Now is your chance to own this work of art designed and hand crafted by Lisa Wenschlag, The Bag Lady. This bag is a $50 value. To qualify you must:

  1. Comment on this blog post.  
  2. Like Danielle's Photography Facebook Page at  https://www.facebook.com/daniellesphotos .
  3. Now go share the love and this blog posting on Facebook to pass along this handcrafted photo wreath design and handcrafted bag drawing opportunity.

The winner will be drawn at random and announced on Facebook on Thursday December 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM.  Good Luck everyone!

No worries if you are not a winner, just contact Lisa and she can create a handbag custom made just for you!



Trish Marshall(non-registered)
I love this idea!
Danielle Jackson Photography
CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL NIGHTINGALE !!!!!!!!! You are the winner of this beautifully designed bag from Lisa Wesnschlag, The Bag Lady! A handbag valued at $50.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and enter. There will be more the month of December 2014 so please come back and check my blogs for more!
Betty Miller(non-registered)
I love craft ideas to do myself or pass on to really crafty family members.
Holly Reeves(non-registered)
now I have no excuses for taping up my cards.....must make this wreath!
Jennifer Bennett(non-registered)
Love your photo display! It's simple, but so cute!
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